If you love what you do, you're never working!

Declan and Jo-Anne are the co-creators of the SuperPreneur Training Programmes.

Jo-Anne lives in the beautiful West of Ireland, working as a SuperPreneur Trainer, Psychotherapist, Sound Therapist and group facilitator. With an Hons. Degree in Clinical Psychology, MA Degree in Psychotherapy as well as being a member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Jo-Anne lectures in Universities across Ireland.

Declan’s path involved many entrepreneurial ventures after a life threatening brain injury where his sales and effective communication skills brought great success, to himself and the people he worked with and trained.

Having had their own individual businesses for years, they decided to combine their skills and experience to teach business owners to go from Entrepreneur to SuperPreneur! Their combined experiences in Sales, Productivity, Marketing, Customer Service, Coaching, Psychology etc gives them an overall package of what makes human beings tick and more importantly what makes Entrepreneurs successful.

Names: Declan & Jo-Anne
Profession: Life & business coach
Jo-Anne's Website: JOANNE.IE
Declan's Wesite: DECLANDORE.COM


We are going to focus the 3 core skills that will take you from being an Entrepreneur to a SuperPreneur!!
Connecting to Your Super Power, Bending Space and Time, Attracting Your Perfect Clients

What is your philosophy when it comes to Business/Life coaching?


  • First and foremost Self Care is key! “Your business is only as “good” as YOU are!”
  • Having an excellent structure and plan to work from.
  • Self development and personal growth drives how you are in business… how you look after yourself, how you are with your team / staff and what type of clients you draw into your business!


  • To sum this question up I love to express to people this quote… “Your energy introduces you before you even speak” so always check in with yourself before you pick up the phone, write an email or have a conversation with someone. How is my energy right now before I do what I am about to do. If it is negative and feeling down what can you do to change that before hand!

Is work-life balance a myth?

Jo-Anne: Nope! Totally true and achievable with the right tools and structure.

Declan: When working for yourself it can be a struggle for most me included but it can be done with the right preparation and system’s in place. So it is not a myth but something you got to work on every single day.

Did you ever do a business course or training?

Jo-Anne: Yes! I am very much “eat the meat and leave the bones” kind of person! I don’t think I have ever done a course (business or otherwise) where I have adopted and integrated the whole kaboodle! I take what is useful, nourishing and growthful at that time and leave the rest.

Declan: Yes! I have been all over the world learning from some of the best in their field. Even as far as the healthiest island just of Japan called Okinawa.

Would you rather have unlimited happiness or unlimited ___________?

Declan: I would take unlimited happiness all day long 😉

Jo-Anne: Definitely unlimited happiness. Sure that will mean that anyone or anything that make me happy is in my life… and unlimited unconditional love… happiness and love.. can’t beat it!