Dylan M Howell

Do what makes you happy. Bring positivity to the world.

I am a wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

I concentrate on small weddings and elopements, offering both photography and Super 8 films. I also teach SEO to photographers and recently launched an SEO agency called Rad Rank.

Name: Dylan M Howell
Profession: Photographer


SEO for photographers.
Literally everything you need to know to optimize your site for search engines.

What drives you to get out of bed in the morning?

I generally start thinking about ongoing SEO projects around 6am, typically while I’m still sleeping. I start running through current site issues or marketing ideas in a quasi-dream state.. sometimes it actually works. I love the challenges of both technical SEO and content marketing, so my morning routine of checking sites’ rankings over my first coffee is something I always look forward to. Seeing if my techniques are working, checking in on any tests that are running, or running deeper analysis on analytics data to spot trends or issues. Outside of that, I typically have a bicycle ride planned.. SEO and photography both allow for ~10 hours per week on the bike. It’s a much needed escape from the office + computer screen.

Why wedding photography/filmaking?

The amount of love you’re surrounded with on a wedding day is incredible. People are just generally happy. I love the experience of being there, documenting it, editing it together, and presenting it a few months later. I love the feeling when a client emails back after getting the gallery.

What is your philosophy when it comes to photography/filmaking?

With my photography, I’ve been concentrating on bringing a calming presence to an often stressful day. I like to create a timeline that allows me to quickly get any necessary formal images out of the way in a quick and painless. The rest of the time I’m concentrating on capturing moments between friends and family, the lovely details, and creating a narrative for the day.

When I’m filming, it’s a bit of a different mindset. I’m trying to edit the film as much as possible in camera. Finding transitions and b-roll throughout the day.. but also quickly making composition decisions as the important moments happen in front of me. I shoot it very much like a photographer. No audio, no recreating or staging moments. It feels very raw, but real.

What is your measure of success?

For me it has been the freedom to create my own existence. Success to me is being able to make a decision at 9:30 am to go on a three hour bicycle ride.. or to stay inside and work on SEO projects until 2am.