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For me the art of wedding photography is about capturing the raw, unbridled emotions of people in love.

I’m an artist who fell in love weddings.

For me the art of wedding photography is about capturing the raw, unbridled emotions of people in love. I have been telling peoples stories all over the UK and Europe since 2016 and I feel so fortunate to be creating and sharing memories with incredible people.

Name: Becy Farr
Profession: Photographer


How to juggle – That all important work/life balance

That all important work/life balance. I’m a huge advocate of being able to have a successful business AND a growing family, I will share my workflow and how I manage my time effectively so that I can give the most to both my career and family.

Part of this workflow discussion and managing time effectively means not burning out. I want to cover topics such as how important it is to stay inspired and really source that inspiration, not solely from popular photography groups or following trends. To market yourself right so that you get the clients and weddings that creatively fulfil you. And to make time for creative projects for yourself, because in order to not burn out, its important to find what makes you tick as an artist.

The shoot will be about emotive story-telling – how I establish connections to the people I capture and utilise movement and light in my work and evoking a feeling in a photography – not just documenting a feeling.

What is your philosophy when it comes to running your business?

I guess what’s important to me is to be true to myself, create work which I love, be open to new inspiration and to learning from others and try not to compare too much.

Why wedding photography and Super 8?

I kind of fell into wedding photography during part of my photography degree in Germany, I met people who did it on the side to fund creative projects and thought it would be great to try. It wasn’t until a couple of years later after I have my daughter that I really fell in love with it. It was the moment I realised that I could still be an artist with creative freedom, that wedding photography doesn’t have to be overly posed and documentary – it could be about capturing the raw emotions, the connections and story-telling.

I’m always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of my work and my comfort zone. Super 8 takes me back to my film roots, I think it’s beautiful and I love how it captures everything so honestly and its ability to evoke nostalgia. Super 8 is something I do more for me, it excites me!

What is your measure of success?

Ah success is such a personal thing, my own measurement of success changes over time. In the past I’ve measured it on the amount of money I made, the amount of bookings or features and awards I received. Whilst I do set goals for myself, overall it’s measured on creating a good work/life balance, making enough money to support my family and travel the world whilst creating work that gives me ALL the feels. You know, like when you are so excited to create and edit and you come away from a shoot feeling inspired and creatively fulfilled. That’s the goal.

Life Rules to live by?

Be kind and screw it, you only live once. Life is short so try to live in the moment and do whatever makes you happy. Try not to get overwhelmed by the future or worry about things you can’t control.

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