Story of Eve

What excites me is telling different kinds of stories... it's probably what makes my work so different, some are soft, emotional and dialogue driven, others are like crazy parties cut to an upbeat track.

By dissecting one of Story of Eve’s films, Michael aims to take you through the process from how he successfully targeted his chosen audience, communicated with the couple, his filming style and his approach to storytelling and editing.

Michael Toman is a filmmaker whose passion is in capturing emotional stories – stories with love, melancholy, happiness and joy – some of Michael’s stories are soft, emotional and dialogue driven, while others are like crazy parties cut to an upbeat track.

Filming in a documentary style, Michael is quiet and unobtrusive focusing on capturing moments as they unfold. Michael loves to travel and capture unique stories with people from different cultures all over the world. He books a very limited number of weddings each year as he also collaborates with artists in the music and fashion industry on selected projects.

Speaker: Michael Toman
Profession: Videographer

Is this your first time to the wilds of Ireland or the ancient Kingdom of Kerry?

Nope! I’ve been to Kerry a few times… not nearly enough times though. Every visit I have to Kerry, I want to go back…in fact, a little cottage overlooking the ocean in Kerry is my ultimate retirement plan.

What is your measure of success?

John Waters famously said, “Real wealth is never having to spend time with assholes.” I’ll go ahead and apply this to one of my measures of success as well. Growing up, there was always a backdrop of financial pressure in our house, so success for me was not having to worry about bills. As I get older, I know what makes me feel content. Success is aiming to have more of those contented days than not.

Creative or business mind?

I instantly wanted to answer ‘creative’, but that’s just my ego answering as it’s the right answer. I’m definitely both. If it was between logical and creative, or logic versus emotion, then I’m definitely more led by creative and emotion, but I love elements of the business side as well. I love trying to figure out new ways to engage an audience and constantly evolving my brand – I guess these are creative and business.

Rule to live by?

Try to leave people happier than you found them.