James Frost

I measure success in the way I feel. Not by the things I have.

I spent my younger years growing up in Spain. Inspired by my Grandad, this is where my passion for photography started. It wasn’t long before I picked up my own camera and fell in love with telling stories.

James will be bringing a host of goodness! His talk will bring us through shooting and creating a style. The importance of workflow and where he draws his inspiration from. You can follow this in real time as he shares a live shoot and edit with us. To top it all of there will be a “frosty hangout.”

Name: James Frost
Profession: Photographer

What is your measure of success?

I measure success in the way I feel. Not by the things I have. Success can mean different things to just about anybody. Whether that’s being able to consistently book 30 weddings a year, or being happy with where you are in your business and home life. It means different things to different people. To me success comes from when I have clients tell me I was able to tell their story exactly how they envisioned it, or something I have done has impacted their life. It comes from being able to work enough to support my passions like travel and surfing. It doesn’t always have to be materialistic.

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds what you say?

To stop messing the world up and to start cleaning it up.

Is work-life balance a myth?

Work-life balance isn’t a myth, but it’s certainly a struggle for many to get right. I think I’m well on my way to getting it right for me, by ensuring my workflow is streamlined so I have more time to do the things I love. It’s important to try and iron this out quickly to avoid going crazy and being drowned in work.

All weather in Ireland is described as “fierce” fierce cold, fierce wet, fierce windy. In fact the weather can be so “fierce” that “You wouldn’t put a gate up in it.” With that in mind what drew you to coming to the Emerald Isle in the middle of Winter?

The opportunity to do such an awesome workshop! And I love Fierce weather and I’ve always been in love with all of the sea land and mountains the Emerald Isle has to offer.