Hannah Millard

I get super passionate about the things I love... and my goodness do I love my job.

I am a wedding photographer and filmmaker based in Derby, UK. Since 2010 I have been shooting weddings around the UK and beyond.

In 2014 I was named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and began speaking at workshops and events and have been lucky enough to teach lots of lovely people. I believe in breakfast food, creativity and kindness. Human connection makes my heart sing.

In my session I will be sharing my marketing process. We’ll talk about how to build a brand that attracts your ideal client in a way that feels authentic to you and how to run that through your website and social media. I’ll share the nitty gritty of how I create Facebook adverts that actually work, without throwing lots of money away. My goal is to inspire you to think differently about marketing and carve your own way forward with it.

Name: Hannah Millard
Profession: Photographer

What is your measure of success?

It can be easy to get distracted by the industry as a whole and to feel as though you are not as successful as others. Personally, I try and stop after each wedding to ask for feedback from my clients and be able to appreciate that the main purpose of my job is to make them happy.

When does it stop being partly cloudy and begin being partly sunny?

There’s been a heatwave for months: I can’t remember what clouds are.

Is work-life balance a myth?

Running a photography business can easily expand to fit the space you give it… no matter how much time you spend on it there’s always something more that you could be doing. So you have to make a conscious decision to create some boundaries and make sure you have space for other things. You need things other than work in your life to feed your creative brain and nourish you.