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If you love what you do, you're never working!

Declan and Jo-Anne are the co-creators of the SuperPreneur Training Programmes.

Having had their own individual businesses for years, they decided to combine their skills and experience to teach business owners to go from Entrepreneur to SuperPreneur! Their combined experiences in Sales, Productivity, Marketing, Customer Service, Coaching, Psychology etc gives them an overall package of what makes human beings tick and more importantly what makes Entrepreneurs successful.

During the fireside talk, you will be introduced to the adventures of Dreamy Goldenballs and Jolly Sparklypants. In this particular installment of their adventures, you will get to hear how Dreamy overcame a huge atrocity and how Jolly helped Dreamy to get his lifeforce back. You will also be introduced to Dreamy’s good friends Pal and Tracks. See you at the fireside!

Name: Declan & Jo-Anne
Profession: Life and business coach

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds what you say?

Declan: If you face any adversity in your life, always know it is possible to get through it once you 100% believe it can be done. I was told that I would never walk, talk or get the use of my face back, due to a brain injury, but I believed it was possible. Here I am answering your question.

Jo-Anne: Whatever happens in your life can either be seen as “Shit” or as “Fertilizer”… Are you going to wallow in it, or are you going to grow from it? Your choice.

Who was your childhood hero?

Declan: My Granny, My Mom, My Dad.

Jo-Anne: The A-Team, McGyver, HeMan and the masters of the Universe… lol

How long has it take you to get where you are now or you are not there yet?

Declan: 36 years! 🙂

Jo-Anne: As long as I am on earth… and the journey continues… I don’t think we ever quite “get there” we are evolving creatures – always growing and expanding

What is your measure of success?

Declan: Success falls into three categories… 1. My health is priority 2. Having flexible structure and 3. Great relationships – personally and professionally

Jo-Anne: Waking up happy and grateful every day!